Wood Shop Back Up, Interest in Shop Furniture Build Class?

I came over today and got the wood shop cleaned and set back up with the help of Brad (sorry if I got that wrong, only got your name the once and may have misremembered)

I did some minor rearranging from what it had been:

1) The jointer and planer are now set up on either side of the small power pole so that long lumber can be fed through them without hitting other equipment and the jointer won't have to be moved to reach power

2) I moved the Vacuum Former across the hall so it is next to the screw rack so that it won't be collecting as much dust and to make room for more equipment near the vacuum pole.

3) I swapped the router table and band saw so long lumber can be fed through each easier without running into other equipment. Should make it easier in particular to route long trim

4) I put the scroll saw on the hamburger table next to the vacuum pole so it's at a comfortable height to walk up and use, and to free up the rear table for the new miter saw.

Some recommendations for discussion and possible future shop furniture builds:

1) the planer, jointer, and drum sander are all equipment that frequently have long workpieces fed through them, and the currently have poor dust collection. We could build a common cabinet for them to be mounted to side by side with dust collection built in so that the table saw dust collection can be plugged in to the cabinet to provide collection for all three pieces of equipment. This would also get the drum sander off the rear bench to clear for the miter saw.

2) A new router table could be built that has much better dust collection, has a standard miter slot, and and adjuable split fence. A built cabinet would also be a lot heavier and more stable than the current folded metal table. The sahper could also be built into such a table if we want to make it available for use (I understand the shaper is a dangerous tool if not careful, but if it is going to stay laid on a pallet, why take up the space keeping it?)

3) the lathe could use a cabinet base with a chip collection tray and backsplash with a dust collection scoop, would make using the lathe require much less cleanup effort afterwards.

If anyone is interested in making those improvements real, learning some simple and cheap basic cabinetry, or just participating in a build day, I'd be happy to plan it out and lead. Let me know if you are interested or have input on potential designs.



Thanks for getting things back together. Perhaps it was my ghost that helped you today. I was at work. :grinning:

Great thoughts on the improvements. I’d suggest floating a build day and see who jumps in. We can definitely get the raw materials from the area warden budget. If it looks to be a bit more money, just suggest a vote.

Thanks again,



I’d be happy to participate in a build day or anything else I can do to help. I’m a little biased because I use the jointer and planer a lot but dust collection for those is sorely needed, so IMO that would be a good one to start with. But let me know what you’re thinking for timing and what I can do to help.


We had a good time rearranging the equipment.
It was good to meet you Kevin.

I put the plastic back over the CNC just in case the fallout from the other side of the hive migrates over, as the blower to the annex was on.

Can I add an easy one? A lot of folks don’t even know we have this, but:

There is an air filter under the table saw out-feed table. I use this all the time, but am sad that it is hidden under a table and has poor air flow. Can we:

1: Move it to an unobstructed location to do it’s job? Placed up where air flows freely & (quess what, air rises…), maybe bolt to pallet rack, but not too high so people can reach the controls?

2: Replace the filters – it’s been over a year on current filters. https://www.amazon.com/jet-afs-1000b-filter/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Ajet%20afs-1000b%20filter

This thing cleans 1000CFM of air, and we should be using it as much as possible for health, AND because every time I do finishing with laqcuer, etc rampant hive dust gets in the finish unless I rig up a sort of tent on top of the table this is under…

Dust collection is key, and we’re pretty good at that, but it is NOT filtration. We need both.

I’d also suggest we get the carbon pre-filter. I brought a VOC meter to the space recently. We’re above the one-hour exposure limit (~100-ppb) in many areas of hive.

This is a great asset that is underused. Let’s make the most of it and make hive stink less and not cause asthma attacks.


Good call, I can 100% agree with this. Air Filtration matters, it’s important to keep lungs healthy.

I can be there saturday around 2-2:30, or could come earlier on Sunday. The ship has sort of sailed on my lungs but for everyone else’s, that is a good plan :slight_smile:

I am busy Saturday, but can come in Sunday. Want to come in Sunday just to deliberate options, sketch some rough plans, and estimate how much material will be needed?

That we something more solid than nebulous ideas can be discussed at the Tuesday meeting.


Sure. I am open Sunday so you all can pick the time.

I plan to be at the Hive most of Sunday, probably from around 10 AM till 8 or 9 PM. I’ll bring a roll of paper and my drafting tools.