Wood Lathe - Tooling Additions

We have a nice small wood lathe with basic chucks and centers.

Here are several proposed enhancements to the wood lathe for discussion on Tuesday. Total proposed spend should be under $200.

  1. Additional chuck jaws for the Four Jaw chuck. Would fit the curent chuck. Total Spend for three different sized jaws. The 100mm and 70 mm jaws are for better grip on larger pieces. The current 50mm jaws are really too small for holding larger workpieces and can be dangerous when the piece comes loose. The cole chuck jaws are for finishing the foot on bowls and plates.

NOVA JS100N 100mm Chuck Accessory Jaw Set $46.00

NOVA JS70N 70mm Chuck Accessory Jaw Set $32.00

NOVA Cole Chuck Accessory Jaw Set $53.00
Designed for re-chucking of bowls to remove chuck marks, add decoration or to re-shape the bottoms of bowls that have already been turned.

  1. Cutting tools. $20 to $40 shipping included.
    Propose buying one end mill and a 10 pack of 8mm round carbide cutters which fit the end mill. The end mill would be modified to make a late tool (some grinding to clear 180 degrees of cutter at the tip + add handle) After proof of concept this would be cloned to make more tools for the hive. ebay / china price for these is lower than the cost of one replacement cutter from US sources.
    1pcs NEW EMRW C12-4R-12-130 1T Round Indexable End Mill Holder +10PCS RPMT0802MO | eBay

Propose buying cobalt tool steel to make simple cutters.
Grainger Item # 4WZW7 Tool Bit, HSS W/5 Pct Cobalt, 1/4 In, 2 1/2 $3.24
Plus some 1/2 inch bar stock to make a holder.

  1. Clamp Light. So that you can see inside the stuff you are turning. The overhead florescent doesn’t light the inside of the work piece. Under $15.00 Homedepot. LED bulb included.

Sounds great.

I would suggest next time put “VOTE” in the subject line so people know you are proposing a vote.



I especially like the improvised carbide scrapers. Cool idea!


Howdy All.
Due to some surgery yesterday, I'm not going to attend tonights meeting i.r.l.
I'd like to vote yes in favor of $200 for previously documented lathe tool additions.
If I can manage the meeting link I'll join you on line.
Thanks in advance,
Dave Velzy

Hope you feel better!

The vote passed for $200.
Feel free to acquire the parts and submit the receipts to Jim.

Thank you all. Already ordered the carbide. Will get the chucks on order.


Just an fyi i did pick up a 10 pc set of long handled lathe tools for really cheap as one had a crack in the steel. My first sharpening wheel for cutting tools made out of the mdf and metal cutting to polishing compound did as good if not better than the name brand. Is anyone down at the hive tonight i might gimp down if so.