Wood Lathe Certification Requirement Status

The wiki says that the Delta Wood Lathe does not need certification in order to be used. Is this in fact true? I’d like to fiddle around with it for a project I want to work on and would like to practice on it a bit.

Tim W.

Yep, it’s true, go make something!!!


I think the wood lathe is hard to damage but you certainly can hurt yourself if you don’t pay attention.
Find one of the wood working people and/or watch some YouTube videos to get yourself familiar with the tool rest and cutting tools.
I don’t find it nearly as scary as the metal lathe.
You are much more likely to damage the workpiece than the lathe. Wood takes much less load than metal. So go play.

Anyone have a favorite place they like to get their wood from?

Tim W.

My neighbor is getting a large catalpa tree cut down next month. I’m going to save some for making and some for burning.

The Building Value place down the road, where we had PowerTool dragracing, has a lot of old wood there too.

So what you are saying is, we should bring up a vote for one of these?

Brent - any chance of getting some live edge slabs? I’d love to get one and turn it into a bar!

Tiffany, that would be pretty awesome. Is there some way to rough cut a log in place in my neighbor’s yard? Otherwise it would be too heavy to move. I don’t know what kind of equipment they will be able to get in the back yard so they will likely cut it into short sections.

ah gotcha. I have no idea. I just see pretty images of them as bars or benches or coffee tables and love the way they look!

You could try something like this with a regular chainsaw and a 2x4. You would have to just cut it deliberately wide to account for unevenness. How big is the tree? I was going to go out hunting for lumber this weekend anyway.


Something like this thing? linked above? A Chainsaw Mill?

ya exactly. I was ogling that very item yesterday actually. That would give some pretty nice live edge slabs.

Just got back into town.

Don’t have a name yet, but there are folks in the area who have “portable sawmills” that will cut us felled (or fallen) trees for a fee.
You can find them by looking up the maufacturers webpages which will have a directory of local owners.

I will try to get a name, if you’re interested in this option.