sorry guys but i wont be able to make it tonight but i have the pizza oven and lorin said we got in the temp regulator so we should soon have a huge reflow oven set up over in the electronics area ill be in this week but just had to much stuff i had to do around the house. also update on the shapoko2 all of the motors have been fitted with molex plugs for quick change out if needed (bad stepper / upgrade) so that there wont be any need for doing the rewiring. Now the next thing is to get everything put back together and run all the cables also put on the limit switches in the process and make sure everything is square, tightened up right, and moving smoothly with out impinging any of the wiring. after that ill be placing all of the electronics in the project box we have and making sure everything is properly wired up. finally the last step will be to create the enclosure that will be sealed to prevent the fiberglass from being thrown into the air when we start cutting the circuit boards. I apologize for it taking so long but just wanted to keep everyone up to date on things. Once again sorry i couldn’t make it tonight I will be there next week so i look forward to seeing everyone then, also ill be in the week.

Doc Willey

Good to hear it’s all going good

Yeah, Tuesdays are hard this semester for me too. I’ll be back at it in a day or two. I finally graduated from vicodin to ibuprofen for my broken ribs. I am safe to operate machinery again…

I have the arduino, LCD, and temp controls ready. We need to check that James’ oven can make approx 1 degree C per second on high (steepest rise on kester profile is soak-flow, which is 0.6 degrees per second, but faster is more reliable and better for lead free)… Usually smaller is preferable in cheap oven (less mass to heat = faster rise time), but a non-crappy oven can do this regardless of size. We’ll see, turning on and timing how long it takes to go from low to high will tell. If needed, I’m happy to dig up an ol’ black and decker infra-wave type o’ toaster - I had a great one I used for years, but sadly 2 elements went out. Moving heating elements or adding additional elements can do a lot too.

We should already have the microscope, and possibly a soldering station at Hive now. Not sure, haven’t been down in 2 weeks.


Do you want me to bring my current LCD-enabled oven down on loan in the meantime? It has a hand-wound nichrome wire element and a programmable PID controller with a touchscreen on it. It’s decently tuned as it stands and has been used several times successfullly. It’s no gem, but it’s a hell of a lot nicer than what was scrapped. It does the job fine until I upgrade to a T962 with modded firmware…

Depends on if anyone needs it soon. I don’t need an oven for a while, but Jon mentioned that he did.