Wireless Routers Suggestions?

Hi, I am sick and tired of my crashy netgear router and am ready to upgrade. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a good wireless router. I have at least 16 things that use my network on a regular basis (I did firmware updated and reverted, and I still had problems) Thanks :slight_smile: you guys know what’s what. What’s the dream router Du Jour.

I’m very happy with:

-DIR-825 rev B1 (Atheros AR7161 @ 680Mhz, 8Mb flash / 64 Mb RAM)
-Ubiquiti Nanostation M2 (Atheros AR7240 @ 390mhz, 8Mb Flash / 32Mb RAM)
-Ubiquiti Airrouter (Atheros AR71xx @ 390Mhz, 32Mb flash / 32Mb RAM)
-Buffalo WZR-D600HP (Atheros AR7161 @ 680Mhz, 32Mb flash / 128 Mb RAM)

I run dd-wrt on the DIR-825 as my primary gateway for the house.
I run pf-sense on a VM on my vmware server that acts as a gateway for my work machines.



Should help a lot.

Ebay and amazon are great for finding inexpensive open-source compatible routers.


Thanks Dave

I also suggest getting a UPS for your modem, router, and access point (if applicable) because I have found that this can noticeably improve reliability. I guess those little boxes don’t handle electrical instabilities very well.

Should I get one with 802.11ac

I’m going to say “no” unless all the devices you plan to use with it also support 802.11ac. Your next one will probably have 802.11ac :slight_smile:


Right, the only thing I would use the 802.11ac for would be range extenders.