Wiki Wishlists?

So maybe this is a newbie question, I’ve been reading through some of the wiki, and come across the wishlists for the various areas.

How accurate and up to date are these? In particular I’ve been reading through the wood working one, since that’s my current interest, and some of the things listed seem to be addressed. For example, there appears to be a decent set of clamps (obviously more is better than less). There’s also a listing for a circular saw, though I know there’s one at the hive, I guess on loan.

Others seem like tool purchases that could be easily addressed, such as the request for a very specific powermatic planer.

To make this a bit more timely, I’ve found that there are usually some very awesome tool deals on Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. Often times these are fairly quick, either appearing only on Black Friday, or during Amazon’s cyberweek for a few hours. It seems like it would be nice to see if we could address some of the wishlist suggestions during this time, but we’d need to make sure the lists are up to date.

Is there a good way to make the power that be aware of these deals in time to act?

Another request I’m seeing is a request for saw horses. I’ve got an idea on how to do this, what is the best way to go about moving forward? Present a plan + budget on this list, or is there another procedure?