Wiki Upgrade


I added two new extensions to the wiki last night. One of them is
just a Flickr extension that allows you to insert a Flickr image using
sytax like <flickr>0123456789</flickr> with the number of an image.

The other extension is a doozy. It is actually a collection of a
whole bunch of extensions built around the Semantic Wiki extension.

This will let you do all kinds of awesome stuff - really, really
awesome stuff. For starters, check out Semantic Forms ( ) and Widgets
( ).

Another thing this allows us to do is participate in the WikiSpaces
project on to link up all the different MediaWiki's
of all the different hackerspaces. The idea is you could make one
place that shows all the Events and Projects and things that are going
on at all the various hackerspaces around the world. See:

Anyways, I've just started digging into the new functionality and
wanted to let you all know it's there for you to use if you want.


excellent work dave, especially makingus part of the wikispace.

i heard a rumor at defcon that there would be a darknet coming online as well :slight_smile: