Wiki Maintenance!


I've put the wiki in maintenance mode and I've migrated it to our colo
host and off of my personal host. The wiki is still live at the old
URL but for reasons[1], it is lacking a skin (style), and is

The new location is live and ( I'm pretty sure ) has all the old
content. The new location is currently at It is
editable. As soon as I get a chance to collaborate with Craig, I'll
get the DNS changed over so that the new site is at the proper URL and
the old busted site will go away. Again, for reasons[2], the new site
has some functionality missing currently. I'll fix ASAP.

Please let me know if you have problems with logging in or editing.
Fancy functionality like SemanticMediaWiki will come online as soon as
I can fix it. I have to get home and to sleep soon. I'll probably
hack on it more tomorrow.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Going forward this will be a better
setup where more people than just me will be able to maintain it and
upgrade it.


[1] - Dreamhost tried to auto-upgrade MW, broke something or other, I
tried to fix it but decided to cut my losses and move on to the new

[2] - The new site doesn't have many of the plugins that we had
before, most glaringly SemantciMediaWiki, but also Flickr and one or
two others. I'll get them back online ASAP.

Awesome Dave! Just let me know what you need and I’ll take care of it.

Awesome x2

Huzzah! Thanks Dave, the wiki is much more responsive than it used to be.

All I need is the DNS changed so that points to our
box ( where is currently pointing ). I don't know
bind well enough to try this myself. I think I might need to make a
DNS change on the Dreamhost side too. I'll check into it when I have
a chance later today.

Update for everyone:

* SemanticMediaWiki is installed and working, but it has to re-build a
bunch of cached data and it will take a while for everything to come
back. It's about 50% done now.
* Flickr extension is working
* Other minor tweaks are enabled

Still to do:
* I have to re-enable Short URL's. Tried early this morning and it
didn't work, so I'll need to read more and try again later.
* google analytics
* misc

If you find something missing or broken let me know.


Thanks Dave!! Wiki is working great!

One thing: on the Main_Page, the listing of Projects has been reduced to just the Makerbot. The “#ask: [[Category:ActiveProjects]]” probably broke somehow?


DNS has been updated.


Right. The little #ask widgets are semantic queries and it is
currently rebuilding the databases that power these. They should come
back eventually, but I'll keep my eye on it.



Thanks. I've disabled it on the Dreamhost side as well, so I think it
should just be a matter of DNS propagation now. The old site is still
up and running at this URL in case anyone needs to go back to it:

I'll leave it up for a while, make sure I have backups in a safe
place, then eventually decommission it.


While waiting for the semantic wiki to rebuild I had gone in and added the last few meeting pages to the front page.

Once the Semantic Wiki is back up and running I (or whoever gets to it first) will remove those static links.