Wide Format Printer

The Wide Format Printer was not broke, someone inserted the wrong ink into it. It now registers all UV Ink cartridges, but one needs replace before it can be tested to verify it will print. The ink has not “dry out” but the cartridge has a built in expiration date. There are ways to bypass these but as far as I am aware we do not have the “chip” needed to hack that date away.


could you change the date on your computer so it registers as before the expiration date? might work

It’s a firmware date system

I thought we were getting rid of this pronto? Do we have to test it before we get rid of it?


People were claiming it was broke. From what I heard the potential buyer was told it was broke. Would you buy something that expensive if you were told it was broke?

If I knew how to fix and/or maintain it, yeah.


I’m sure that the average buyer doesn’t want that headache buying something at a cost he can get one that has been tested to work. To show it works also means it sells for more.

So does anyone know what this printer is worth? New i am finding them for 10,000+… this is probably the most high priced item that…

As far as I am concerned nothing has changed since we last talked about it a few weeks ago. It was mentioned at the last meeting that it was still in the process of being sold, but playertwo (the buyer) has been busy and hasn’t been able to complete the deal.

I am in contact with someone else at his company now and I think it will be a done deal some time this week.