Why Not Fix It Yourself?

A great little editorial on a man’s journey fixing a $50 shredder from an office supply store.


I still have a broken paper shredder that I was hoping to fix myself someday. The problem with mine though is that a little metal axle broke and I’m not sure how I would make a new one. Maybe someone out there has an idea?


what does the axel look like how big is it? If it is just a metal pin,
maybe it can be replaced or used as a pattern to mill a new one?.. or
welded back together?

Fix it yourself? What are you a Bolshevik? Throw it in the trash (NOT the recycle bin) and drive your car to Walmart and buy a new one like a real American!

I’ll try to get a picture of it. It’s like the size of a qtip stick. It’s metal, don’t know what metal. Probably not possible to be welded back together.


you can pretty much weld anything back together , the real question though if it broke in the first place , obviously it was bad metal originally :stuck_out_tongue: ,