Who owns these 3 servers?

I was wondering who owns these 3 rack mount servers?

I might be interested in buying one of the three...

I'm more interested in volunteering to put one together with mostly parts we have laying around the hive to make a successor to fastor that isn't total thermal toaster status. Planning on using a pile of 1Tb hard drives that have been sitting unused in the server rack for at least six months if not more.



Building a fastor replacement with one of those servers is precisely my intention. I was going to do it this past weekend but I ended up being busier than I expected.

Ian B.

Who owns them?

Do you want to handle this yourself or can I do it?


I would prefer to do it as I have a couple ideas about other functions the machine might serve and I need to do some further research on it. I am uncertain who donated them originally. As I recall they showed up around the same time as the half-size server rack.

  • Ian B