Who has high rez of the current logo?

Who has the high rez file (hopefully scalable) of the current honey
comb (this logo:
whoever you are, you're awesome - please send me the SVG or whatever
so I can get to work on some stickers, window stickers, and maybe even
shirts in time for defcon. I bribed a guy with extra beer during the
4th fest so he'd cut me a deal printing shirts - I've still got that
favor to call in.

Eric from my work made that in Gimp. I’ll get the XCF or maybe vectorize it in inkscape for you and get it to you shortly.


There is a 800x600 version of that logo on the wiki also:

Not a scalable version though...


I've been considering art for shirts recently as well. I was thinking
it should probably be in one color for simplicity's sake.

I like the design and font of this one (
http://wiki.hive13.org/index.php?title=File:Hive13-3.png )

But maybe it could be modified to be one color like this one: (
http://wiki.hive13.org/index.php?title=File:Hive13Comb.png )


He converted it to SVG via inkscape for us. Let me know if you need another format.


Excellent. Assuming this is the final “official” logo (I doubt this is an issue that needs a vote really, just a consensus of those who are making the graphics), I’ll see about getting one sized properly for the www frontpage, too.


I don’t think there really is an “official” logo. Just pick whatever logo you like best for your project or website :slight_smile: