where to by ABS sheet plastic?

Happy Holidays to the Hive!

I’d like to buy some ABS plastic sheet for laser cutting. 1/8" thick, around 2ft x 2ft should be plenty for my project. Does anyone have recommendations for where to purchase this? I found a few places to buy it online, but if there’s somewhere local I’d go there to save on shipping and support local business.

Alternatively, if other people are interested in chipping in (or spending Hive money) I could make a larger online order…right now I think we only have acrylic plastic sheet in the common materials pile.

Mike H

Parts Express
12x24 (approximately—see comments) Textured on one side, not perfectly smooth on the other, but fairly cheap:
It’s in Springboro, OH (I-75 Exit 38), a few minutes off the exit.

Harrington Plastics (across I-75 from GE, but really off Glendale-Milford)
Call this place before you drive—I don’t think they have ABS, just PVC and CPVC (which you can’t use in the laser cutter):

Queen City Polymers (West Chester, sort of near Ikea):
They definitely have ABS sheet. I’ve been to this place twice, and I got the impression small orders are a big hassle, but I wouldn’t let that stop me.

Alro Steel / Plastics
No Cincinnati location, but Dayton and Louisville.
Dayton has plastic offcuts (very spotty selection)
Louisville is a main plastics location for Alro. Might be worth a call.
http://www.alro.com/Locations/LocationsMain.aspx (click on “Plastics” under “View by Division”)


Thanks! Much appreciated.