Where do we park at the hive now?

You can park across the street from the door, or you can park beside the building next to the boxing loading dock. There’s quite a few spots over there when the boxers are not over there.

As a clarification, the parking lot across the street belongs to that company. We are welcome to park there after their business hours. SO I would avoid 8am-5pm (although I don’t know their exact business hours, that is probably a safe bet).

Is there any allowance of parking in the back parking lot behind the building due to the construction? Would the landlord allow it?

For myself, I think I would avoid that upper back parking lot, even if the tenants and the people in the shop at that end of the building are aware of the sidewalk construction, It might still make them grumpy if they don’t get their ‘usual’ parking spots. I would rather keep as much goodwill intact with those folks as we can.

I would be leery of the Family Dollar parking lot - but it’s a possibility. (I wouldn’t, myself)