Wheels for the Power Series Racing

Franklin was looking for wheels, but here’s the best “deal” I’ve found so far:


and a wheel for $10 extra with a chain sprocket mounted:


If we got these it would be $80 for just the wheels… but I haven’t found any wheels of reasonable quality any cheaper yet. Let me know what you think. Otherwise we could try the harbor freight wheels knowing that they’ll require periodic replacement during the enduro. I believe the MIT team went through around 6 of them, but it did keep the cost on the cart to about $32

we’ll need to run the numbers to see how we’re doing as far as staying on track.

-Jim Shealy

are you allowed to barter or trade things you might get on a used purchased power wheels frame for other parts? ( like you can with Lemons cars)

perhaps someone would have some extra wheels that they might be willing to trade for another piece, or labor on a project? (cough cough)