What's the status on the Gigabot?

If some of the issues with it can be compensated for, I would like to be trained on it as the Polar is down.

Hi Jamie,
I believe it is up and running. Ryan Hershey, Dustin Bruce, or Mike Horwath can probably update and train you. Perhaps you can contact them individually and see if any of them will be at the hive soon?

Yes, Gigabot is running…although not very user-friendly. I can give some updates and training. Just be aware that using the gigabot right now means “helping to troubleshoot the gigabot” :slight_smile: Dustin and I are working toward formalized training for gigabot, but things tend to happen on hive time AKA slowly.

On a related topic: several hive members (including myself) with home 3D printers are often happy to print things for other members. If you need something and the Hive printers are uncooperative, try sending a request to the list.


Thank you for your reply. I am definitely willing to train & help troubleshoot (it’s my expertise). I would also love any help I could get from other members printing these. I guess my biggest hurdle currently, is my method of communication. I do not use IRC & I’m not 100% certain I know what “the list” that people are referring to is? I thought this was the list. I guess I don’t really know the best way to get a hold of the people I need unless it’s by email or Google groups.
I’m just anxious because I’m trying to finish this project in time for xmas gifts, & I’ve already sunk $180 & several months time into it. I’m getting a little desperate because the prices the people on the local print hubs charge are more than I can afford, & the public library only allots 2 hours of print time, which as we know, isn’t enough to print much of anything. I appreciate any suggestions or other possible avenues I haven’t considered yet.

Thank you again, Jamie Jackson.

this is the list :slight_smile:

you might try to upload your file and email the list and ask if someone will print it :slight_smile:

Thanks! will do.