What to do with a 3d systems cube printer?

A colleague at DAAP has a 3D systems Cube3D printer which is entirely useless now that 3D systems has discontinued support (hey and the whole cartridge thing sucked to begin with).

He asked what hacks he should make to Frankenstein it into something useful. Anyone have any hacks?


was it a cartridge of filament? if so… converting it to a standard ‘off the spool’ feeder would help make it useable again

Yep, cartridge with a chip. Not the best printer either, but certainly there must be some good features worth frankenstein-ing…

well the actual extruder, control boards for the servo motors, the servos themselves, etc… if it’s got a proprietary OS, can it be replaced with another one? (one of the open source programs?) or replace the processor board with another one that has a better OS on it?