wet tile saw?

Does anyone have one that I could borrow?



I do - yes! It’s a small, underpowered one. But, I have successfully used it to cut 13" tiles on the diagonal for an entire basement. Just be patient and it works quite well.

My only caution is you MAY need to buy a new blade… I’ll be at the Hive after 3:30 today - I’ll bring it with me and figure out the details on the status of the blades.


Many moons ago you loaned me that tile cutter. To my great embarrassment I would never gotten around to using it. Partly because I was a little afraid to try it.

Somebody has now set that tote with your tile cutter over on the Purgatory shelves. Will you be by soon to pick it up or do you want me to grab it and take it with me and get it back to you?


Please pull it from purgatory- I will be down tonight or this weekend to retrieve it.

Or - if you are going to use it - take it.

If you want to bring in a tile, we can arrange a time to show you how to use it - it isn’t tough and not nearly as disturbing as a wood table saw.

James Hartley

I have a shit ton of tile left from bathroom renovations if you need practice tile.