We're Forming Shadowy Cabal - And You're Invited!

Ok, not really. It's actually just going to be a committee or a
working group. And its work will be completely out in the open. :slight_smile:

I think in recent months many of us have acknowledged the need for a
small group of people to put in some focused hard work on framing the
goals and activities at Hive13. Especially since we just got the
501c3 status. This group would focus on our mission statement (
possibly editing it ) and making sure that our activities and projects
are aligned with our mission. They would also pursue opportunities
like partnerships and grants with outside organizations to help spread
Hive13's mission and bring in people, tools, and money so we can
continue to grow every year.

This group would include the board members and officers that are
interested, but it should also include any other members that want to
contribute. The thing to remember is that this will be a group of
people dealing with serious business and the people that volunteer
will be expected to show up and put in work. The group will likely
meet at some time apart from the normal Tuesday meetings so we can
focus. We feel that in person attendance is important for this group.

One thing that we'll start off with is a concrete deliverable. We
want to create a sort of planning document or roadmap. This document
will contain a description of the paths that Hive13 can take and ways
to get there. This will help us know what to work on and how to make
decisions so that the things we do in the short term are driving us
toward where we want to be in the long term.

The group will be open. We do not in any way want to give the
impression that a small group of people is going to dictate for the
entire organization. We will publish everything that we do and always
ask for approval by the membership before taking any actions. Now is
your chance to help take Hive13 to the next level.

The first thing we have to do is pick a meeting time. I'd like to do
this sooner rather than later and hopefully have something to show for
it at the end of this month. I've created a Doodle poll to help
decide the date of the first meeting:
http://doodle.com/fgy68ccg9ms8azwv I'm picturing 2 - 4 meetings
within approximately the next month and then see where we want to go
from there.

Even if you don't want to be in the actual planning team, your
feedback is valuable. Let me know any thoughts or concerns.



The link to the Doodle.com poll was buried in the first email. Here
it is again if you didn't see it:



Based on the Doodle poll, it looks like Saturday afternoon on August
21st will work for the most people. Let's plan on meeting at 1:00pm
at Hive13.


Well crap… I just found out that a friends bachelor’s party is happening on the 21st and it is supposed to be an all day event. So it looks like I will not be able to make it to the shadowy cabal’s first meeting.

I will be there!

To the bachelor party or the HIVE13 meeting? :slight_smile: Can we have the meeting at the bachelor party??? (we can all take one for the team so Paul can participate)

I’ll be at the HIVE13 meeting as well…


Well darn from me too!

My plans changed and I will be in Louisiana on Saturday Aug. 21st. I am out-of-town on business now and will miss tonight’s meeting. I should be getting back into town next Tuesday evening, arriving just in time for the Tuesday night meeting on August 17 with Mitch and Jimmie. I really don’t want to miss the event, but it seems hard to make mutual plans.


Hmm, if neither Jim nor Paul can make it, should we maybe reschedule?

This isn't the only time this meeting will happen, and I think it's
unlikely that we'll ever get a timeslot when 100% of the interested
parties can attend. I think we should keep this one going but make
sure we have multiple more in the future to better the chance that
everyone can participate.




To anyone who was interested, it was confirmed at this week's meeting
that the 1st Shadowy Cabal meeting will be 8/21 at 1pm and last
approximately 1 hour.



I’ll be out-of-town on the 21st, but still want to participate. I ran into the following link and propose we all explore it as a point-of-reference. It is up in Dublin (Columbus) Ohio and is an interesting concept/twist on a maker site.