We're cooking with GAS!

After the last Tuesday meeting and discussing trolling Craig's List
for items we needed, I decided to take ownership of getting a gas
stove for the space. I found something on Craig's List the next day
and picked it up Friday. I just finished hooking everything up
(needed a reducer for the gas line) and now we're cooking! (after a
search and discovery of a second shut-off valve on the 3/4" line
outside the bathroom door.

It is a double stove, which I thought would be better for the various
things we'll use it for. A little retro but it just adds
character... So here it is in its new home:


And fired up for the first time:


Gas Stove: $25
Hose and various connectors: $35
Working stove for the space: Priceless



Awesome! Thanks a ton for getting this done.

Thanks Ed!


So who’s teaching the first homebrew class?

It looks like you got the same stove I had my eye on Monday night. Very nice. I have at least one project I can move ahead on now that that’s here. Thanks!


A note: Please do not put anything toxic in the oven, I would like to be able to use it for food.