Welding table vote

We discussed getting a welding table a while back and wanted to wait until we found something we liked. If we are looking for a TIG welder then we absolutely MUST have a welding table beforehand. Ryan and I would like to do something similar to what we did for the table saw where we had a budget and people looked for a month or two for a deal.

Therefore I would like to propose a vote for a $1000 budget for a welding table.

If there are a couple of members who know what to look for we could use some help finding one!


Can you explain the purpose of and what features vary the price of a welding table

A welding table provides a flat surface to set up complex welds. It is a must if we want a tig welder since complex set ups are what tigs tend to be good at.

The features that make the price vary… thickness of the table (I think we want to shoot for .5" thick or more), and set up features such as holes drilled in it to make setups easier. If you want more info there are much more knowledgeable write ups/reviews on youtube, etc.

Seconded… and I vote YES! :slight_smile:


Vote yes in case I can’t be physically present when vote is called.