Welding Table Option

As a note I happened to run into this 30x30 welding table for ~$475 while pursuing other welding supplies for work:


Miller ArcStation 30SX Workbench 951168

The slots can be used to clamp pieces with the same tooling as the mill (and some of our drill presses). in case you’re not familiar:

I don’t remember off the top of my head, but it may be a better value than the guy we were thinking of buying from. They do also have larger tables. The one posted is smallish, but is flat and probably more than enough for what we actually/usually do. a double sized one is ~$800

-Jim S

Ryan and I looked at this. Decided that it was pretty meh for the price. If we are going to go with a sheet metal top those can be found cheaper than buying a miller branded one.

Something suggested to me was to look for stainless tables on craigslist (IE old food prep/surplus restaurant tables):


image 1

~175. If it’s sturdy, it could be a good buy. Either way, just another avenue I’m not sure if we’ve gone down yet.

Something like that would be better off modified with a ton of bracing material. And then you need to worry about whether you made it not-flat from welding bracing. Part of the joy of a welding table is being able to brace things to it and use it as a flat surface to build things on. You’d need to do some work to those stainless prep tables to achieve that goal.