Welding Safety Supplies

Hi folks;

During this week’s meeting, there was a request to spend $200 (in addition to any additional funds that was received by selling the old welder) on safety supplies for the wet room at the hive.

Tiffany and Ryan2.0 were going to investigate which options were needed, in addition to ensuring that the hive had the correct fire extinguishers.

Of the 17 full members present, all 17 voted in agreement.

Tiffany was going to investigate which options were needed.

Jon mentioned that he wanted to bring up any concerns, so I’m posting this tonight so that we can vote on a more formal budget next week.



Yes, my concerns are that a seemingly arbitrary budget has been created on something that hasn’t been planned out and voted on for whatever reason.

Instead I would like to propose that anyone who wants to discuss and finalize what exactly we need to do to make the dirty room a safe room to weld in (and any other activities such as spray painting, metal working, etc) meet up on thursday or friday in the evening.

There are a few things that I had already talked about with a handful of people and I want to make sure everyone knows what is going on and has full knowledge of what needs to be done (e.g. for some reason in the meeting minutes it says a 220V drop is needed in the dirty room, but we already have one in there).

So in all before approving a $200 budget I would like to have an actual plan and to figure out an actual price for what we would need to get done.

So Tiffany and Ryan (and anyone else who wanted a say in it), please respond with when you can meet up so we can get a real plan out for this.

Let me clarify that (and I will edit the wiki as well):

They were discussing putting a 220 outlet in the /electrical/ room, so that it might be easier to do classes outside. My brain got crossed when discussing the dirty room. Specifically:

Wiring a 220 outlet in the electrical closet and getting what would be needed to extend that (ala big electrical cord) outside whenever there was the need/want to weld outside.

I am going to clean up the wiki about this shortly.



You missed out on discussion about this at the meeting. Everything will be ok. Chill out. :slight_smile:

No one wanted to wait for the gears to churn on this. Ryan 2.0 has a limited time with us where he would be available to teach us. He’s not the only capable welder among us, but he’s the only one who has volunteered to teach. Approving spending some money on safety equipment was intended to accelerate this process.

No one is going to go an spend money indiscriminately. Tiffany and Ryan 2.0 volunteered to research/present and implement what they figure out. A combination of putting metal down on the floor and fireproof blankets / curtains to contain sparklies is what was tentatively discussed. You were not present in order to volunteer to be in charge of this so you can direct your input to the people who volunteered to be responsible. If you’d like to join them, I’m sure they would appreciate your help. The $200 figure was arrived at by a combination of people checking ebay/amazon for fireproof blankets, guestimates on a CO2 fire extinguisher and guestimates for metal sheets. It isn’t a final figure. It’s a starting point.

Nancy also raised a (valid) concern that we need to figure out a place for people to put larger project they’re working on when the dirty room is going to be used for welding. I know we’ve talked about it, but perhaps looking for more pallet racking needs to be a higher priority?

-Dave B.