Welding projects:

I have some thinking to do. I bought two 4 ft x 2ft metal tree surrounds, plan was to make a welding table with the hole inverted, making an H or butterfly kind of shape. The top surface is surprisingly flat, and the holes would allow for any number of t nut style fasteners or attachments. I can’t decide if I should do a straight table, or an articulation to tilt the whole thing for ease of positioning. I have a boatload of 4 inch diameter pipe scavenged from sprinkler repair, and oodles of other sizes (think a solid quarter pickup load). Likely a table with casters is the way to go, one slanted piece of sheet metal to deflect slag, and there would be underneath storage. Or two tables… I should have gone for another pair, to support ends and middles. Ah well… I had thought 4 feet would be plenty. Maybe two tables for long pieces, some way to join them when otherwise not needed.