Welding Gas Cylinder Ownership and Refilling

Does anyone have any information on who owns each of the welding gas cylinders that are currently in the weld shop? Additionally, are they owned outright or leased?

When I picked up the oxygen tank for the glass torch, I also grabbed a set of the forms for Hive13 to set up an account with Matheson so that we can have bottles picked up, refilled, and delivered so that we don’t have to rely on a member with a truck to find the time and motivation to refill canisters. Once we have an account, all we would need to do is call the day before they have scheduled delivery in our area (Tuesdays and Fridays for Camp Washington), and they would deliver full cylinders and take our empty ones to be refurbished, refilled, and added to their stock (extra fee if the pressure test is expired). Someone would need to be on-site when they come for deliver so that they can get in the building, but I figure it’s easier to find someone who can work out of office for half a day than to find someone with a truck who is willing to carry, lift, and transport all those bottles.

The only stipulation is that we must own our bottles outright, or we would need to buy new bottles from them if we can’t show ownership. so, anyone know what the ownership status of any of the bottles in the welding room are? Bonus points for proof of purchase.

Bump on this, as we are in need of bottle refills.

If we cannot figure out what the ownership status is of bottles we have, I think we need to put up a vote for 4 250 cu. ft. bottles (2 for 75/25, and 2 for Argon) at some point in the near future. The big bottle that we have now is empty, but will not be able to be refilled as it’s pressure test is expired (they can be retested, but we need to know we own the bottle). The two small bottles we have have good pressure tests, but do not hold much gas.

I own the large #6 mig mix tank and 2 of the #4 argon. The 2 smaller argon tanks. The ones labeled with scott graus is where I get them refilled. In the hospital for next 2 days, scott grauss os in evendale if you need it right away. The smallest tanknis hive owned.

My big mig mix tank needs to be re hydro tested as it has been quite a while and just always sat around as a backup. If matherson is willing to do the tank swap on that 1 for a field tank I would not mind going through them or whoever as the company I bought the tank from went under. I was planning on going pure argon and not tank as well so I have no problem with switching it over. I ended up marrying a few tanks down when we got the new tig welder and were playing around with it a bunch

So you own those three tanks outright?

Any chance you could send us a letter giving Sad Bee Inc. permission to have them refilled, retested, and/or trade them in for up to date full tanks?

Or possibly would you be willing to donate them outright?

The reason I ask is that Matheson will let us swap them with tanks from their stock, but only if we provide a letter stating we (or you) own them outright and have the authority to trade them.

I do own the tanks outright and can draft a letter of ownership. I can put the larger tank on extended loan to the hive however the 2 #4 tanks I do need to bring back for my machines at the house. I did being them down full originally and if they are switched to matherson to get them refilled that is fine by me. I have no issue with brining them back down for extras when needed or if we make a fixture/jig to shield on both sides of stainless, titanium, etc.

I will have limited acsess to my phone and net tomorrow. If they do need filled asap, depending on what they need I originally had bought the tanks as a mechanic and has having them filled at eagle gas supply however switched to Scott Gross for the last fill and testing on 1 as they are next to the ice rink. The big tank has been in family for a lonnnnng time and was last filled at least 8 years ago.

Will you pay for the retest on the big tank, or would it be up to Hive13 to get it re-tested for the “extended loan?”

Kevin M,

If the hive could pay for the hydro test so it can be switched to matherson that would help out. I have no problem doing a long term loan with that tank as I have a couple other bottles that I run off of.

On my 2 other tanks down there, if Matherson can refill them that would be awesome. I brought down the 2 full tanks when the tig had arrived as well as a bunch of tungstens, rod, etc to let people get a feel for the machine. Ryan Hershey can give you info on that if needed. I will need to bring my 2 smaller tanks home in the near future however if anyone is needing a portable tank to work on something at home / outside, I have no problem lending them out.

I went and exchanged our #4 Argon tank, as well as purchased a #4 Argon/25% CO2 tank. Both are hooked up.

Kevin S. - I also exchanged one of your tanks for 75/25. I’ll go get the other one exchanged next week as they didn’t have enough on hand. the It’s sitting in the metal room with a “Do Not Use” sign on it. I can’t guarantee that someone won’t use it, though, so I’d recommend taking it home ASAP.

Can you give me a call when yoj get a chance. 513 478 4858. I am heading down to grab my toolbox and am trying to figure out whats goung on with the tanks.