Welding class

We're you still going to host a welding class that you mentioned while working on your light show project?

I will be back in town on tuesday, we got all scarrered while vacationing in florida with hurricane Mathew. Lol we were in Pensacola beach that didn’t get hit to bad however had to evacuate immediatel, so we got back to the condo today to start getiing stuff together.

I am up for doing a Saturday class on Nov 3rd as an intro to welding class. Would people be intrested in making a 3/8 and 1/4 tee handle for sockets? I am trying to think of a few practical and easy learning projects that yield something useful.

Anyone intrested in attending a class on sat nov the 3rd or needing hrlp with a project throw a message on here.

Kevin, If you want to make this a formal class I can schedule an event and put it on the calendar.


Yes. I’m interested. My stick and gas experience was 40+ years ago.

I’m also interested in a welding class.

Cool, lets get a date set. Does that sat work for everyone or would anyone like a weekday evening?

Sat is better for me.


Hehe, Dave’s stick experience was 40 years ago…

I rolled into town late last night and am going to do my best to make the meeting tonight. If I am not down tonight I will definitely be down tomorrow night to figure out what material we have in stock and what I will need to get ahold of. Also if anyone has anything metal they need repaired just let me know before the class.

This class is going to strictly stick with entry level for stick/mig/tig of steel. I will try to get a second class setup for aluminum and brazing. I would highly recommend anyone who intends on working on welding projects ongoing invest in good protective equipment such as gloves and even a helmet.

There are MANY high quality XL view window tig capable helmets on Amazon for 50 bucks or less. Getting your own helmet and learning to fine tune it are well worth the money. Plus having a lens that does not look as if a brick was used to wipe the dust off is a huge positive.

I might have to push the welding class back a week or so if that works for everyone. I got an infection from the internal sutures and my knee is pretty gnarly right now.

Bummer. I won't be able to go if it's past that first weekend of November.

I was hoping to weld up some hairpin table legs to 90 degree brackets.

regardless of when the class is, I am sure someone could help you get that done, just post asking for help and when you need it.