Welding Certifications

The thread about the steel tube group buy has made it clear we need to do some welding Certification classes, and John Clark was super awesome and got all the welding plugs wired up yesterday, so now we can again!

I can teach MIG welding, if you are interested in MIG certification, please let me know and we will schedule something. Because of COVID, I'd prefer to do one on one classes, or at most pairs.

As for TIG, I have never TIG welded myself, and really would like to learn. Is anyone willing and able to do a few TIG welding basics classes and certifications?



I’d like to get on this list for the earliest available class. I’ll bet my wife would be interested as well. Since we are the same household can we do this as a pair?

Absolutely. We can talk directly about schedule.

I would like to get welding certs in both TIG and MIG.

John O

Hi Kevin,

This is great, I’d love to sign up for MIG certification. Flexible on timing.


John and Chris, Let’s coordinate a time on slack, I messaged you both in the #welding channel.

Sorry to reply late to the thread. If possible I would love to do MIG certification.


I’d like to get certified also.

Hit me up in the #welding channel on slack and we will coordinate a day and time

What does it take to teach a Cert class?

It takes showing competence and an attention to safety and a willingness to teach.

I think I have one open space for this Thursday, is anyone interested in filling that availability?

I would be interested.



Got you scheduled!

Do we have anyone else who is able to certify people for MIG? It’d be nice if we could get two or three of us doing classes since the list of people wanting certification is currently so long.

I have space available for people to be certified September 10th and 17th if anyone wants to jump in!

Hi Kevin,

I’ll take a spot on Sept. 10 if it’s still available. What time?


  • Todd

Todd, yep, you are good for the 10th, you are the third in that group, so we will call the 10th full. if anyone else want’s to get on the schedule, please let me know what thursday you want after the 10th.

Put me and Stacey down for Sept 17th.

What time?

And thank you!

You are on the schedule! It’ll be 7:00pm, and takes 2-3 hours. Hive13 has two hoods, and some gloves. However, I do recommend you buy your own (and a welding jacket) before the class if you can. MIG welding hood, gloves, and jackets are available locally at lowes, home depot, and menards. They are also available quick and cheap on amazon.

most people have been buying from this list of recommended equipment: https://wiki.hive13.org/view/Welding_safety_equipment


You and Stacey will be doing the class tomorrow, right? Do you have your own PPE, or will you need to borrow?