Welding and help moving tank monday 7/18 around 3-4 pm or later

I have never had to take the tanks as I do not have a truck... however where is the hive using to get bottles filled. I am preparing things to get the tig stuff together and ready and I need to get my large number 5 tank switched to argon over mig mix. Plus somehow they got oil or another contaminant in that brand new tank that makes it weld HORRID. I am going to try and come down sometime tomorrow to wrestle that tank into the car or trailer. If anyone would be there to help my knees would appreciate it HUGE as both are blown. It will likely be early afternoon around 3.

I just got my 4 ft number 4 tank accidentally refilled with mig mix by rural king. I paid and said I needed 100 percent argon and they do not understand the difference between the 2 lol so it is what it is. I own all my tanks and am hoping I can trade them or work something out in getting 2 smaller 4ft tanks vs the big fatty lol because it is impossible to move. Given the portable tigs it would be much safer with smaller tanks.

My email on my phone bas been freezing with replies so by chance if you will or can be down there try on here and text/call me ar 513-478-4858. Any help would be saving my ass as I have to find as wheel chair and do some minor modifaction welding wise by the 27th hopefully. I need a chair for at the HIVE to get the welding classes going as well lol because i am going to have a lot of freetime except for actually downtime from surgeries.

Thank you anyone who can help... im in a realllly bad spot :frowning:

Hey Kevin ,

Most of my tanks are from Weld Plus on River road out past Anderson ferry, they dont sell the tanks but they dont really charge for them either, they do like a 30-75ish depoit (size of tank) if I recall and reimburse all but like 50 cents or something when you finally turn in with out a exchange, they also carry Argon as most the welding we do is Tig, anymore. They have the small tanks, but they will not let you load them into a car. just FYI its technically required to transport them in truck only, Figured toss this out there as a option since they have best tank rental I know around town, and they take care of all the tank upgrades and reviews inspections etc, for whopping 50 cents, Had some the tanks from them for like 20 years now, beats a daily rate, or the like few hundred to have tank inspected and valves replaced on some the older tanks.
Also nice to be able to walk in exchange tank and out in couple minutes vs hours at like F&M, (shudder)