Welder Arrived Today

The welder is in. I snapped a photo, but I'm unsure of how to attach a

Excellent! Very excited. So is it ready for somebody to give a demonstration on how to use it? I want to get started on building a metal winning platform for sumobots :slight_smile:

Very cool! Thanks Tye!

Now the acquisition of accessories can begin.

And while most of it is pretty light weight, we probably want to keep the steel scrap we have for use rather than recycling it.

I’ve also been told we can purchase from the scrap yard at pretty good prices

I have to wire the plug in, and other than that, we just need safety
gear. I think I may have us a face mask ready. I have some people
lined up also ready to run the conduit to the dirty room, so long as
thats where we decide to use it. I should be able to buy the materials
for that. I can grab some stuff and wire it up at the current box on
the wall to get it running soon if its needed.

What kind of plug does it have on it? I think I have a spare 240v
wall receptacle hanging around. If not, I have a cash account at
Richard's electric in Norwood and I can pick one up if someone tells
me which style cord it takes.

I already have the receptacle I'm going to pick up the single gang box
and a small piece of conduit if we decide we want it where it is until
we get the dirty room straightened up

is the dirty room where we want to put the welder?

the original plan was to relegate the dirty room to storage since it's
really no big enough to do much else, does having a welder change

if so, we should mount a campaign to deal with the dirty room.

How badly does a MIG welder spark when you are welding with it? How hot are the sparks? Should we look into somehow making the dirty room more fire resistant? There is already a vent fan in the room.

We definitely need to clean the room. Currently the floor is covered in a thin layer of sawdust and we are using it for storage for items ranging from spare wood and spray paint to rear project TVs and cardboard boxes.

Sparks will depend on what you are welding, how high you have the
power, whether you are using gas or flux core, etc. If you say forget
to have the gas on and have the welder cranked up I could see sparks
flying 9ft in a worse-case scenario. You'd also massacre whatever you
are welding at that time... Under normal operation, sparks would
probably be localized to about a 3ft radius and not be anywhere near
as hot. Sparks are plenty hot enough to ignite paper / sawdust /
flammable gases. They're probably hot enough to melt through plastic.
They're hot enough to burn through clothing and shoes.