Weekly Wave Discussion

As part of our 1 year birthday we are experimenting and revisiting all
of our bylaws and the way we do things. This is in an attempt to
improve the space and get more projects going and spend less time on
business like stuff.

One thing we are trying is to discuss business events before the
physical Tues meeting starts. The idea is that during the Tuesday
meetings we can just review items that happened on the weekly
discussion and vote on anything that needs to be voted on. This will
hopefully be much quicker and we can have more time for presentations
and fun discussions. We have tried to do just business meetings the
first Tuesday of the month but there is always something going on that
needs to be discussed. So now we are trying to handle that outside of
the normal meeting time.

Here is a link to a Wave for us to discuss current issues, etc.


This will work like the last weeks Wave session except will be active
*between* meetings and be used more as a read-only reference during
the physical meeting. For general chit-chat and stuff, feel free to
use IRC, etc. The wave is meant to be used as a self-documenting
discussion about Agenda items. You do not have to participate. If
you are not interested in business stuff you can disregard this email
:slight_smile: We'll provide summaries of what happened at the meeting.

Also this is just a test. It might change. We might scrap it all
together. No idea. The access is currently set to Full for anybody
on this mailing list.

The bylaws are also linked in that Wave. The bylaws changes need to
be discussed now because in July we will put any modifications in
place and they will likely not change for another year.