Week 2 of Power Series Racing

We all had a great time tearing apart the angle grinder during week 2, and it looks very promising that we’ll be able to mount everything up properly for the motor!

As I mentioned in the meeting, there is now a google drive with the resources and assignments for next week so that we can keep progress going throughout the week. Please read the milestones document in week two if you need to remind yourself of what we’re doing for this week.

The main goal is to:

1- put together an appropriate sized pig model so that we can begin building the frame around it

2- Cad up the parts that we have so far, then upload them to the drive

3- talk about what we’re doing here on the mailing list so we all can keep updated (and if you have questions or parts you want me to review, I will :wink: )

4- figure out placement of people, seat, batteries, motor, wheels, etc inside the pig if all goes right, next week we can finalize the frame cad models and potentially start cutting metal!

5- Talk to ryan to see how much the steel tubing costs to make chibimikuvan, and estimate we’ll use 50% (as margin) I’d like to know how much we’re going to spend on the frame

6- Vote on wheels

As a reference, I’ve posted the basic design work for chibimiku-van, our favorite documented MIT PPPRS racer:


When it’s all said and done, the solidworks assembly by the end of next week will look something like this (albeit not as complete!):

Voting for wheels:

We should decide on the wheels now. Let’s go ahead and assume margin for the batteries that each pack costs $100 towards the racer (IE $200 per pack),

Currently we’re at: $150 for cost on cart, with batteries we’re at $250,

If we go for harbor freight wheels, the cost towards cart is ~$28, (cart at $278)

  • they’re cheap
  • We will need about $100 of wheels total, as we will SHRED them.
  • We will likely need to replace wheels 2-3x on the track…
  • We will require custom machined brackets to transmit power to the wheels

If we go for scooter wheels the cost toward cart is ~$90 (cart at $340)

  • designed to hold up to power
  • shouldn’t need replacing for the race weekend
  • can buy a wheel with a chain sprocket already mounted (lowers risk of failure)
  • Higher cost toward cart

Vote now and I’ll go ahead and buy what you guys decide so we can put them in our models and really start cutting :slight_smile:

IMO we should go for the scooter wheels, I think we’ve got enough cash after the scooter wheels to finish up the cart without worry. I want to hear your input!

-Jim Shealy

So, good news! We got the battery charger in! it’s pretty slick and will let us charge at the full 350W that our power supply can handle!

YEEAAAAH touch screen!