Website very old

I just randomly checked our website and it shows the Made in Camp event from Oct 2019 on the front page.

Could we put some newer stuff up there?

I have the ability to post but I don’t know what is actually going to happen. (Sparks, 3D Thursday, KY makerfaire). I’m thinking we wouldn’t mention the move until things actually get signed.

Let me know what we would like to have on the page.

Maybe we can update how things get posted so it is easier for others.

Perhaps it is a little ambitious to try to keep current events items on the home page. At our very best when it is kept perfectly maintained we look like we have our shit together. Anything less than perfect and we look like we’re asleep at the wheel. I notice this EVERY TIME I go to a web page where the landing page had extremely stale information. If you’re trying to advertise “We’re No Longer In Business - Go Away” you’d be hard pressed to do it better.

I’ll add the latest stuff Kevin posted on Slack.

I yield to the person offering to “do”!

Did it this morning.

If I may make a suggestion? Since there’s already an events calendar on the homepage, I think it would be cool if we also used the front page space to highlight Hive news and maybe even do some “what are we working on now?” type of posts to highlight the amazing creations that come out of the hive. So for example, it would be cool to have a post talking about the move, or doing move updates and also do like a WIP post or a completed projects post for anyone who wants to show off their work. If that’s something people would like to see on the homepage, I’d be happy to write them up, I just don’t know how to update the site. I love doing content management for pages, so it would be a fun thing for me to do.



Tara, we would LOVE for you to help keep cool stuff up to date on the website! We have been looking for someone who actually enjoys that type stuff for a while, everyone has agreed it would be great, but few have been willing to take it on. We can easily get you set up to be able to make those posts!


Kevin M.

I’m more than happy to help. Perhaps I can corral the different projects and help with the write ups.

I think some kind of member profile would be cool (only people that want to share their story of course). List projects completed and still in process. Background and interests.
An equipment intro would also be cool. “I’m the large laser cutter, here are my specs and examples of what I can do.” Perhaps like a member profile. Could be funny “I’m kind of fussy about alignment and don’t like to be left alone.”
I’ll see about writing up something for the large laser cutter. We need to give it a name.

As far as I know, the Wiki even provides for user profiles, it’s just that people rarely use this feature (me included…)

We could name the large laser “Bernie”

Yes, although “Burnie” might be better. :slight_smile:
I’ll see about writing up a funny profile for the big laser or the oscilloscope.
We could rotate the different equipment profiles on some schedule. “check back next week for another cool profile”. Maybe even have people swipe left/right.
Let’s start simple.