Website help Wordpress

Need some help, trying to create a simple website using Wordpress that will allow a user to create and upload a file or files to a post and then in return other user can download these files.

Basically it will be a file sharing however the files that are uploaded by the user via a simple form all the user would have to is create an account and login then create form. this form would have maybe have the following

Upload file: nice if it had drag and drop
File Name:
Category: they get a drop down option ( predetermined )

Once completed the click done

In return this post now would be viewable for others to download even without being login . Additionally Each user would have there own account that they could view all there uploads

I already have the site running with Wordpress if you can help I will give you admin access. This site is being developed for open source purposes


You know you’re kind of asking for trouble and are going to have to police this pretty heavily?

You should be able to adjust your settings such that:
-Users can create posts. By default I think you have to be an admin to create posts.
-Your attachment / media settings reflect all the filetypes you want to support. By default, they’re pretty restrictive - mostly media files.
-Your main page template or whatever globs all posts.

I don’t really have time to do this for you, but you should be able to do some googling and get where you need to. Wordpress is pretty simple to manage as a CMS. If you get stuck, feel free to ask for specific help. You’ll do better long term if you can start managing more of your wordpress blog yourself because if you fail to you are pretty much guaranteed to get abused/hacked.