web development projects for hive13

kevin from the boxing gym downstairs has approached us about adding
some cool features to the cincinnati fitness boxing website. i
started a project page on the wiki here:

also, i have been working with cincinnati fuel, which is a non-profit
that want to help people re-integrate into society after
incarceration. the wiki project page is here:

kevin wants to add videos and a webcam to the CFB website and the fuel
project will be building the site from the ground up, including
setting up a wiki.

i can serve as the point of contact for these projects, unless someone
else is more interested :slight_smile:

Fuel has been discussed and approved already. I read CFBs email
request and they will be using more disk space/bandwidth than FUEL.
They are also a for profit business (not that it matters much). I
would really like to work out something with them. They mentioned
paying or providing classes for the hive on Sundays.

With them we can either setup a virtual host or we can have them work
with Larry to lease out a box from SpeedSpan (where we keep our
co-location server) We could still provide help with getting
everything setup and running and be their IT department...maybe for
free classes or use of the gym or whatever. But we need to take a
vote after the next Tues meeting just to make sure.

Also feedback to the mailing list would be good too. At least to get
a feel for how everybody feels about it.


based on the whois info, looks like CFB already has hosting somewhere.

they also expressed interest in youtube, so perhaps even the video
hosting can be handled easily, leaving just the webcam to be dealt

Well that wouldn't be to bad at all. Although they would eat up some
of our precious internal bandwidth at the hive...but most of the time
we are not using it...maybe ratelimit?

I don't think we should get too bogged down with hosting websites for
a bunch of people/businesses. It is easy enough to host websites on
third party services nowadays. It seems like they already have their
own hosting and internet connection. I can see helping them get a
webcam working though.

Does anyone know much about wireless mesh networks? If we gave each
tenant in the building a meraki node or something similar could we
share bandwidth across that whole network, in other words use all 3-5
DSL lines in the building simultaneously? Maybe that would help with
our bandwidth issues. Or is that not really how mesh nets work?


I has servers in ze cloudz, FWIW.

That’s not exactly how mesh works, but we may be able to work out something. I was just talking to Mr Anderson about grouping cable + DSL for increased bandwidth at home. Maybe an implementation for the whole building could be devised. I am interested in working on that.

Karl Wilbur

I like the idea of bartering for services with them. I think that provides value for both groups. It might take a little effort to figure out the particulars, but that would be a really cool benefit of being a Hive13 member.

Perhaps they would allow access to workout facilities and classes at a reduced rate?


I like that idea too.

Karl Wilbur

Yeah they mentioned Free Sunday classes just for Hive members, iirc in
their original request. So that is definitely something they are up
for negotiating.