We should build one of these to complement the popcorn machine


I could see replacing the solid fuel with some kind of heating element, possibly even under PID control to maintain a perfect temperature for the sugar.


That’s pretty cool, actually. I’d definitely be interested in seeing it come together.

I think it’s pretty neat too. I wonder if there’s a better way to do the heating element besides open flame/fuel in a holder, That seems like something BEGGING to go flying off the spindle at 7200 rpm.

What about a tube/duct pointed at the bottom of the tin, out of the range of spinny bits. with perhaps a heat gun at the other end? (how much heat is needed? it’s sort of the same stuff as glass candy but spun out in strings, right?)


I was thinking some kind of Nichrome wire with a PID controller behind it to control temperature.

This does look like a fun project! Heating a rapidly spinning object seems to present an interesting challenge. Heat gun would probably work, but is bulky . Nichrome seems elegant, but if you stick it in the spinning tin you need a way to transfer power (steel brushes?). If it’s outside you need a way to conduct the heat to the tin…which is pretty much back to the heat gun solution. What kind of setup were you thinking Dave?

Mike H

I’m still thinking. Open to suggestions. I’m a little swamped right now so this is not immediate priority for me.