Water Heater - It's leaking

Heads up - Our old 6 Gal water heater is leaking.

Earl has agreed to pay if we install.

I’m going to get a 20 gallon 120 v 2000 watt unit to replace what we have.
a) cause 20 gal is in stock. 6 gal is special and about the same price.

b) cause it fits the space and breaker.

c) cause its 3 times the size of the old one.

Planning on doing it Friday or Saturday.

Anybody want to learn to sweat solder copper plumbing?

I’ll have the parts and tools.

Meanwhile, the water may be off. The current tank has no shutoff valves.
Dave Velzy

I have misc copper fittings - 90s, Ts, maybe even some 1/2" copper pipe. I can try to bring a box of misc in. I can donate what you need - just keep track. Interested?

I’ve got the same. Including the tools. More looking for students/victims to get it done. Headed for Home Depot now.

Hmm does it look like it has been a slow drip? That would explain why the tiles are lifting up. I meant to mention it but forgot.

The larger tank ought to help the dishwasher to work better, yay!

Does this mean people will need to be recertified on the dishwasher?

Yes it’s been slowly peeling tiles.

Someday I hope to donate a pretty nice on-demand gas water heater to the Hive if there is an interest. I intend to replace my radiant heat boiler with a high efficiency one that can also handle domestic hot water. Thought it was going to be this year but the reality of that is slipping. Wish I could snap my finders and make that NOW.

New 20 Gallon water heater was installed today. Yes it was a pita to install cause so much copper tubing had to be redone.

Many thanks to Ryan who helped sweat solder those fittings.

We set out paper towels to check for leaks. Please leave them in place.

Also leave the power to the heater off until Saturday morning.

Why? Cause if there is a leak. Draining 20 gal of HOT water to do repairs is harder than 20 gal of cold water.


Thanks for doing that I’m sure it will be much better than that little guy.