Was the "Hive13 April Newsletter" useful to anyone?


I just wanted to get some feedback from everyone. I know I only did one month, then got busy and didn’t do the May or June ones, but was the “newsletter” helpful?

A monthly mailing like that directly to members vs. on this list has been debated in the board meetings for a year or more, but none of us were sure it would be helpful enough to be worth putting the effort in, so please, let us know!

Also, if you did think it’s a good idea, and you would be willing to help get one ready in the last week of every month, please step forward! All of us are kinda terrible at this type thing and we would LOVE your help!


Kevin M.


I don’t think I got it.


I never got it.


It should have come from “Hive13 Robot” donotreply@hive13.org on Apr 2, 2019 with subject “Hive13 April Newsletter.” It was sent to the email address associated with each active member’s intweb account.

I certainly hope it made it to everyone… :-/

It was received on 4/2/19.

I just searched my inbox and I can’t find it either.

Well bummer… Greg is the one who sent it out, maybe he can shed some light on why many people didn’t seem to get it…

That said, is this something people would like to see sent out each month? A consolidated list of the events coming up that month and active projects?