Warning! Broken door!

Just FYI to everyone coming into the meeting tonight that the outside door’s (the one with the keypad) interior handle has been broke off. The outside handle still works so you can get inside. The inner handle still functions, but if you try to close the door by pulling on the handle it WILL fall off.

The damage looks to be only on the knob side of things, so it ‘should’ be an easy replacement.


I’m sorry Dustin but I feel you did not follow procedure and you must have been a barbarian to it LMAO I believe only you and Greg are big enough to be able to rip the handle off of the door so there will have to be a death match to find out who is guilty :-). I am out of town so I will not be at the meeting tonight. I am getting to spend some quality time with family that was in need at the moment helping with repairs and getting ready for chemo down at the beach. If there is anything I can fix or if it falls on us to repair it and we need to weld up something or make a new handle just let me know and I will work on it as soon as I get home. Have a nice night meeting everyone :slight_smile:

Lol, you caught me. MY BAD!

Unfortunately the handle is made out of pot metal and aluminum, so not much in the way of welding it up. Greg has rigged up the door until we can buy a new handle somewhere.

So don’t worry about the door for now, unless you have ‘barbarian strength’ like me and greg, in which case be gentle with the door for now =).