Warden Hours - Saturday August 3rd, 2019, 1:00-3:00PM

I’ve got Warden hours this coming Saturday if anyone is looking for help or to help on a project.

I can help with Woodworking, CNC, Glasswork, or Metalworking (Mill, Lathe, or MIG welding) projects if you are looking for help, advice, or certification.

If no one needs help with one of those topics, I’ll gladly accept help finishing the worktables. There is a good chance that with a little help the sitting welding table top can be installed and a final coat of varnish can be applied to the MDF tops, making the table builds 100% complete!


Kevin M.
Woodworking(+) Warden

Anyone available to help finish the tables? This could be the last day of work on them!

I’ve got one member who wants some help with certifications, but after that I’ll be working to at least get the top on the sitting welding table. Once again, all help is welcome (particularly since the hive is such a mess right now due to the window replacements).