VRL Hive13

Open Garage update from the Jan 12th meeting

We have the boards ready and all the necessary components for the CAN in the Middle boards we just need to finish doing the reflow oven so we can solder them.

We also need to work out making good stencils on the laser cutter and maybe some 3d printed rigs to do the soldering. The goal is to at least get the oven and stencils ready by next meeting.

Also by the next meeting we will put together at least on ECU harness. This will be an e38 GM harness and maybe put together another one fro a Kia so we can do bench testing.

The CANiBUS server server works but we will look into re-writing it with an emphasis on threading. May experiment in rewriting in with Go.

We need to investigate how stable the ChibiOS Can code is and if we will need to do anything special when doing the firmware.

We also had a discussion on drive by wire and played with the AutoEnginuuity ScanTool.

If anyone who couldn’t make it to the meeting but wants to volunteer please send me an email. I’m sure we can find something useful for you to work on.