Votes votes and votes!

Hey all,

Summarizing the votes proposed and the dates they can be voted on to help alleviate confusion since we had 3 votes proposed/altered on the same things today. I have a feeling mutiples were submitted before realizing others had been made already, so some changes may be in order.

  1. Tiffany’s vote - occurring 1/17/2017

  2. Daniel’s vote - occurring earliest 1/24/2017 (though no definitive date has been given)

  3. Kevin’s vote - occuring 1/31/2017

Since these cover roughy the same topic/issue, we could consider rescinding the repeat votes, combining votes, etc.

Please post here AND on the original vote thread you created if you (the original proposer) would like to do anything regarding this.



I have a few RFCs that would also address this situation in a different way. I’m trying to address the more general problems of things that are not owned by the hive being at the hive, namely a generic framework for dealing with these issues. I’ve used Coy’s wood and my loan of a 3D printer as “example cases” which fit the framework.

I want to polish things a little more before putting them out there. I’ll definitely have them done by end of weekend.

Just a heads up.

What is Kevin’s vote for?

Ditto, haven’t seen Kevin’s vote, or at least didn’t understand it as such.

Yea I can’t find the specific details on either. But if Kevin or Tiffany agrees that either are equivalent to Mine I’d be happy to remove my proposal

Dave: thumbs ups Thanks for taking initiative on this. We’ve all talked for awhile about how to handle loaner tools, etc. but never went forward on anything official past some light discussions.

To the rest: This following in blue is a quote from his email, which was mixed into the middle of the other thread. I interpreted it as a stand alone proposal/vote because it had different parameters, requirements and timelines, and also because it was not accepted by the original proposer of that vote (Tiff) as an alteration or addition to that specific vote. :slight_smile: Haha things are confusing, which is why I wanted to straighten things out on this separate thread. Anyhow, here that is:

I think tiff already made a motion of proposal but if it needs wording to be valid I’ll go ahead and make one just to be official however leave the door open for others to submit for a vote as well.

Hive wood bank proposal

This is to establish a community wood bank that will be stocked with sizes and types that are subject to change due to the primary wood for projects needed for classes and personal projects.

Invoice and pricing will be public knowledge and either the hive has the option to order and stock or a member if they choose to. Collaboration could be one be responsible for one size, a member who volunteers another size.

For billing and accounting purposes we can maintain a inventory log book written, digitally, or both. This will be a checks and ballance against the inventory numbers per invoices and hive leadership accounting/ established volunteer.

I ask for a vote in 3 weeks to allow the collective to set the variables in hive needs and allow everyone to get on the same page. If a better proposal with the variables in price and payment is brought forward I will drop this proposal. Any members in favor of this and would like to discuss specifics I encourage to do so. A separate mailing list thread can be created or if a gathering would be in favor of we can arrange a time.

-Kevin Schuler

I may have to do input remotely as I’m currently getting ready to head in for test as they think the bronchitis possibly went pneumonia even after taking the entire first round of antibiotics and breathing treatments throughout with the nebulizer. So I might still have a little bit before returning lol

If tiff is willing to head it up as my wording is going to be really bad due to the meds and hell I’m going through. I posted that because talk about getting the details on price, counts, when coyou would be back in town from his business trip etc. It was made to seem that something had to be decided on then or his stuff was going on the dock… so with that in mind I’m trying to get a foothold on the pneumonia it keeps knocking me down.

Or daniel work on it*… sorry I thought I just typed that.