VOTE: Variable Speed Hand Router w/ Fixed Base, Plunge Base, and Edge/Circle Guide

Hive13 has a good router for the router table, and we have the new wonderful set of bits, but currently we do not have a hand/edge router that can accept 1/2" bits, and the hand router we do have is missing it’s collet and has no plunge base (plunge base is essential for safe mortising or pattern cutting inlays).

The above set is a very solid setup that includes both fixed and plunge bases, can accept both 1/4" and 1/2" bits, and the edge/circle guide is great for routing slots/grooves parallel to edges or cutting circles from stock.

Placing vote at $275 to have some buffer for shipping and taxes.



i vote yes.

I vote yes

But If we are using amazon, we should definitely make sure we have the Hive set as the charity for smile.

I didn’t know Hive13 (Sad Bee inc.) was an option till just now. I typically have mine set to OTR Community Housing.

Yea, I had the Community tool bank until; recently. Sad Bee Inc is on there though. I changed mine over before sending this message.

Just a reminder, this vote will be next week (2018-9-11)

Vote for this will be tomorrow (2018-9-11)

i vote yes

The router & accessories were delivered to my house yesterday, this really is a nice quality setup. The router also came with a really nice carrying/storage case that I did not realize it came with, so it should be easy to keep all the parts together.

I will bring it in and place it under the router table next time I am in Hive13. Should be tomorrow or Sunday.



Router is at Hive13 under the router table, feel free to use it!