Vote Tuesday 12/20/16 - Hive expansion into adjacent room, 1 year trial

Hello all,

Posting the vote announcement made at the meeting last night.

For over a year the room next door (towards the back dock) has been vacant and we had discussed renting it to help alleviate our growing space constraint. Last year this time, we discussed it, we contacted the Lessor (or current landlord), and we tried to vote on it, but there was a “legal fees clause” in the lease that we found unacceptable, so we decided to wait until the lease language was changed.

Much procrastination, slow poking, and back and forth with the landlord… and the lease has been changed! So it’s time to get this expansion rolling!!

The vote: $250/month - we must signs one year lease, so a total of $3000 over the course of a year. This is for one year only; another vote will follow to decide if we sign another lease term, after our year expires.

There were many ideas for what to do with the space, a combination of: moving the meeting area, moving the lounge, having larger semi-permanent working/storage spaces that would be a perk of the $100 Cornerstone membership, etc. etc. etc.

This is not a vote on what to do with it, this is just a vote to go forward with it and experiment with more space for a year!! If we decide after that year experiment that we don’t want the space, we simple do not renew the lease.

For comparrison, we will post our current lease for the existing space, the lease for the new space later today. I also plan to address some concerns brought up a year ago, that have resolutions.

To infinity and beyond (or at least to next door)!!

President | Hive13

I vote Yes

Will there be an additional vote in the future to determine the use for the space?



I won’t be there. Put me down for a yes.

  • Ian B.


I never saw the post about the two leases – could you please resend those?



Hi Ian: I will email you this off-list. JimD

Thanks, Jim.

Yes :slight_smile:

I vote Yes.

If I’m not there I vote yes. Guessing I’ll still be contagious then.

I vote Yes.

I agree with Tim, I’d like to see some more information about what we plan to do with the extra space.

I vote “present/abstain.”

Here are the leases (our current one to compare with the “new” one for the adjacent room).

Sorry for the delay; I wrote the email before it was too late to actually vote on this before the new year, and then got slammed busy, so I didn’t give it another thought. Sorry if this added to anyone else’s stress this season.

Friends, today is not my day. Attachments are actually attached now. (4.67 MB)

I vote yes

I vote yes.