VOTE (take 2): Vertical Storage Improvements

Ok, so [based on the discussion from my original proposal](, here is what I propose we vote on to improve our vertical storage system: 1. Build more vertical storage, and improve what we have
  1. Convert half of member storage shelves E and F to half height vertical storage w/ full plywood dividers and back (adds ~12 spaces) (8 sheets 11/32” plywood)

  2. Add full sheet plywood dividers between the vertical storage spaces that Brian built (13 sheets 11/32” plywood)

  3. Build the vertical long storage I had proposed previously (adds 12 spaces) (6 sheets 3/4” plywood)

  4. Implement an automated reservation system that tracks reservations, requests, renewals, and displays status of each space locally so that anyone can tell if a space is available or being squatted in. Will allow in-person storage space reservations with badge swipe.

  5. Adopt the following vertical storage reservation policy:

    1. Ne fees, vertical storage is a standard benefit of membership for all members except cornerstone members who choose to have a dedicated cornerstone corner storage space

    2. Vertical storage reservations are good for 3 months, after 3 months, they may be renewed month to month. There is no limit on how many times a member may renew a vertical storage space, so long as spaces of that type (Vertical sheet, vertical half sheet, and vertical long) are avaliable.

    3. If all spaces of a type are full, any member requesting one of those spaces is added to a first-come, first-serve waitlist. As soon as there is a waitlist, all current space holders receive an automated email informing them that there is a wait list, and asking them to please relinquish their space if they are done with it. The person who has had a space the longest receives a special message telling them that since they have had the space longest, if no one else gives up a space, they will be barred from renewing the space when their current term expires to allow the waitlist access to vertical storage.

    4. If the waitlist is active, if any member holding a space relinquishes the space, the next person on the waitlist immediately gets assigned the space and gets an automated message letting them know they have the space.

    5. If no space holder relinquishes a space before the longest-holder’s current reservation is up, at the end of that reservation period, the space is flagged as expired, at which time the previous holder has 1 week to clear their material from the space (automated email informing them of this). When the material is confirmed cleared, or the week is up, the space is assigned to the next waitlister. Any material left in the space at that time must be moved to purgatory with a parking ticket tag.

    6. Any member who is booted from a vertical storage space due to the waitlist and reservation expiry may immediately request to be added to the end of the waitlist.

    7. All reservations, requests, and renewals must be made in-person at the kiosk. For extenuating circumstances, leadership shall have the ability in intweb to manually extend reservations for up to 2 weeks in the event a member comes ill, or has unexpected travel needs, or similar situations. These special remote renewals must be made by emailing leade… with an explanation of the justification for the exception.

    8. If a member has a large project that they will be using sheet goods for, but they know it will be quick (up to two weeks, but no longer) they may store the sheet goods for that project in the project parking area, with a parking permit tag.

  6. To support the proposed additional storage, improvements to storage, and the development of the reservation kiosk, I propose a budget of $1000 to implement these improvements ($200 for kiosk, $400 for 21 sheets of 11/32” plywood, and $400 for 6 sheets of 3/4” plywood).

This vote is for discussion tonight and over the week, please vote online since meetings are telecoms, voting closes 2020-09-01.


Kevin M.

Looks great to me. I can’t think of any improvements or suggestions given the needs of The Hive and the members.

If you would like to vote in support, please respond with “I vote yes” to avoid any ambiguity.

I’ll do it to! I vote yes

I vote yes,
Chris McKenzie

I vote YES.

I vote yes

If I get a vote, it’s yes. Otherwise, no >:(

Yes. Hive13 needs vertical storage.

Consider this an ongoing experiment.

The ultimate solution is enough storage. And considerate members who work together to solve issues as they come up.

Some concerns. -

The proposed design creates a 4ft deep narrow box. Given body size and arm length, this makes a deep pocket which will be tough to clean or retrieve ‘lost’ items.

There is also the potential of overloading the storage with too much weight. Weight limits will be needed.


I vote yes

I vote YES. JimD

I vote yes

I vote yes

I vote yes

Brant, just to confirm, are you a yes?

This vote has passed