VOTE: Table Saw Dado Set

We have a wobble dado, but wobble dados provide terrible cut quality, and have a round bottom kerf that leaves gaps that don’t glue up properly.

Stacking dados are vastly superior and easier to get accurate width cuts for a nice tight fit on shelves/dividers.

The reason I choose this set, even though there are cheaper sets available, is that the traditional sets rely on spacers/shims that can easily get lost in an environment like Hive13. This dial-adjust set has fewer parts and a case to make it easy to keep everything together.

Asking $275 to account for the possibility of shipping and taxes.

Having one of these will make building the miter saw station that we have been discussing/planning easier and make it turn out better.



I am all for easy to use (and harder to lose) upgrades! I vote yes.


I don’t know how to use this while also ensuring that my fingers remain attached to my hand.

I’d suggest not using it till you can have someone teach you then, haha.

If you would like some help making Dado cuts in something, I can certainly help you out and teach you what needs to be known to do it safely.

I will vote Yes on the condidtion that we name this set Ronnie James Dado.

We have to keep it in a Rainbow in the Dark. :rainbow:

Yes very bad, but short notice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sweet. I’d like to learn some woodskills someday.

Just a reminder, this vote will be next week (2018-9-11)

Vote for this will be tomorrow (2018-9-11)

i vote yes

The Dado Set is now at Hive13, on the tool shelves. It needs to be set up for our Saw, came set up for an opposite handed saw. I’ll take care of this sometime this week.