VOTE - Silhouette Cameo Pro cutting machine!

Hello Hive13 members,

I am proposing a vote to equip Hive13 with a Silhouette Cameo Pro cutting machine and accessories. The Cameo Pro can cut materials as wide as 24" and as long as 10 feet. The range of materials it can cut is quite lengthy including vinyl, paper, cardboard, foam board, fabric, leather and much more. The vote also includes pen holders which allows the cuter to also draw on these materials.

**Here **is a link to the current spreadsheet list of items and prices. The total comes to $733.94 and I am proposing a $900 budget to cover shipping and and other unexpected costs. Any unused money will … uh, not be used. We may be able to get many of these items at Micheals and take advantage of their regular discounts and free in-store pickup so the total could come in even less than the calculated total.

Please feel free to ask questions, make suggestions and vote!

This vote will end one week from today, during the meeting on Tuesday, December 14th, 2021

I vote YES.

I vote yes

I vote yes


It should go without saying that I vote YES

i vote YES (with enthusiasm)

I vote yes.

I had to watch a video to see what it does! Very cool.

John O

I also vote YES, enthusiastically.


I also vote YES!!

I vote yes

I also vote YESSSSS

Dave Velzy


This vote has passed.