VOTE: Sewing Station

As many of you have either read on here or heard at last week’s meeting, I am proposing this vote for a sewing station including a new sewing machine, surger, and the basic tools needed to get started sewing.

Quick overview:

Sewing Machine $175.00
Surger $225.00
Accessories and consumables $280.00
Storage Bins $70.00
Buffer $100.00
Total budget $850.00

If you are interested in the details please look over the following list. Based on feedback, I have updated the list to include a pair of left handed scissors, a squirt bottle for water when ironing and put a new iron back on the list.

If items off this list or better quality items are donated then the money for those items will not be spent.

More furniture/ storage for the sewing station will be done as a separate vote. For now everything will go on the sewing shelf in the lounge.

I vote yes

Anyone who has attended needle craft night knows that it is far and away our most popular draw. Last week we literally had to move additional tables into the lounge in order to simply seat everyone that came. Loads of members show up and also their spouses, guests and random people that found us on meetup or elsewhere. We have acquired new members as a result of Needlecraft night.

I am so excited about the prospect of having a legit sewing area that is walk up ready! Our membership has been asking for this. This will drive new membership and greater utilization and our investment in this entirely new area of functionality will be highly rewarded!

I’ll reserve my official vote until later but I think you can guess where I stand.

I agree with Dave on this 100%. not only do new people show up, but they frequently sign up to be members and join the community, there have been multiple that we have signed up more than one new member in the night.

Reminder that this vote is today.

I vote yes. Needlecraft night gets butts in seats.

I don’t know if I have a valid vote, due to being a spouse. I know I received an email asking to vote for board members and such a while ago, but have seen recent discussion of spouses not having voting privileges. Anyways, if I do have a valid vote, I vote yes. If not, then I’m cheering from the sidelines.

Sewing -

  • Online

  • Yes: 2

  • No: 0

  • In Person

  • Present: 13

  • Abstain: 0

  • No: 0

  • Yes: 13

  • Verdict: Passed