VOTE: Sell the Gigabot

So after the discussion at the last meeting and in the Gigabot value thread, I think we finally have some idea of what the thing may be worth and how it might best be turned into something more useful (money to buy other stuff).

This vote is a proposal to sell the Gigabot.

Assuming the vote passes, the sale would be handled as a silent auction open to all members and others who follow the Hive13 activities and mailing list. The minimum bid would be $500, and bids would be submitted by emailing your bid amount to, and new bids accepted for two weeks from the day the vote passed, ending at the beginning of that week’s meeting. The highest bid at that time would be the winner and obligated to pay the bid amount to Hive13 and remove the Gigabot from the space.

In the unlikely event that no bids were placed for $500 or more, The Gigabot would then be listed on the various person to person sale sites starting at $1000 and dropping the price by $100 every two weeks till it sold or the price reached zero (at which time I would walk it over to garden st. myself).

I decided not to combine this vote with a purchase vote for any replacement equipment as I had initially stated. Those things can be separate discussions, first let’s just get rid of the big 3D-printer shaped albatross in the Hive…


Kevin McLeod
Hive13 Sectretary

Vote to follow outlined rambling procedure: 2 week silent auction to members followed by attempt at public sale. :slight_smile:

Vote yes to get rid of it.

Full disclosure: I just submitted a silent bid of at least $500 for the Gigabot. I am perfectly willing to change my vote to “Abstain” if others think that those who submit bids for the equipment should sit out deciding to get rid of it.

I cast my vote now as an emphatic YES and encourage everyone else to do so so we can get beyond this!

Thanks you, Kevin, for taking on this thankless task heading this committee paralysis!

I vote YES.

Thank you,

By popular demand in slack, I am revising this a bit. Instead of a silent auction, it will be a public auction, but with anonymous bidding. the bids will be submitted by email to, and each time a new higher bid is received, a post will be made in a thread for the bidding. Bid increments must be $50 or more higher than the previous bid, because I don’t want to waste my time updating bid numbers for $0.01 increases.


Well that changes everything! I emphatically vote YES again and encourage others to as well… again

I vote yes

I vote yes. It is time for us to move on from this device.

I vote yes again.
-Dave B.

I vote yes.

I vote yes.

In case anyone was unsure, this vote may be discussed this evening if desired, but the vote is for next week’s meeting.

Let’s get rid of it and buy ourselves an ice cream cone (figuratively of course). My vote is yes.

  • Votes:
    ** Online yes 7
    ** Online no 0
    ** Present and not voted online 15
    ** Yes 12
    ** No 1
    ** Abstain 2
  • Vote passes