VOTE: Router Table Replacement

Hi Everybody,

You may or may not have noticed that the router table is in a non-functional state. The housing for the router broke last week and sent the router bouncing around the bottom shelf. Currently, we do not have a functioning replacement. I believe this is a good opportunity to upgrade the router table that we had to something that is far more functional.

Rockler sells a router lift that seems to be very functional and easy to use. This is what makes up a large chunk of the cost for the router table itself ( We do have the option of purchasing the lift by itself and building a table to support it. This is doable but would add a significant time barrier to getting the router table back to being usable. I do not recommend we try to take this path.

The list includes a new router to go with the table itself. I believe that this would be best as I am not certain that the current router would work in this particular lift mechanism. The budget I am proposing includes several accessories to make the router table more functional (featherboards, dust collection, safety switch).

The cost with the full table, new router, and accessories is about $985. I would like to ask for $1100 to include any unforeseen costs associated with getting the parts and getting them here. I am certain that the actual cost will be much closer to $985, if not less.

Here is my suggested list of parts and pieces:

> > Total $985.00
> > Total w/buffer $1,084
> $ per Qty. Ext. $
Router $179.99 1
Table w/ lift $499.99 1
Safet Stop Switch $13.08 1
Feather Boards and Dust Boot $49.99 1
Dust Collection Kit $109.99 1
Fence Flip Stops $17.99 4
Drawer Slides $10.00 2
MDF for Drawers $40.00 1
> >

Buffer for unforseen costs:


I believe timing on this would put it up for discussion tonight (10/8/19) and up for a vote on Tuesday 10/15/19.

Thanks as always,
Jacob Sebren

Excellent upgrade from our awful (and now broken) router table, this has my full support. I’ll gladly contribute build labor if needed. (I will vote yes in person, do not count this as an online vote)

Yeah, I’m pretty excited about this upgrade as well and have some very near-term use for it.


I will not be at the meeting tonight. Please accept this as my formal vote “yes” in favor of purchasing the table router and accessories. Oh and by the way I kind of need it this weekend. :wink:

  • 2 online yes, 20 present, 1 abstain, 19 yes, 0 no
  • passed