VOTE: Replenish phone service balance

Hi everyone!

Our phone service from has proven extremely valuable since we got our phone number, 513.909.HIVE, last September. When it was set up, I loaded $25 in credit to the account. That has gotten us almost a year of use.

Here’s how the costs for phone service break down:
$0.85 - Monthly fee for having the phone number
$1.50 - E911 service fee

Per Use:
$0.009 - per-minute phone call

Now it’s time to reload the account as its balance has dropped below $5. This member vote is for $100 to replenish the phone service. At current usage rates, this should last us almost 4 years.

This vote should conclude next Tuesday, August 3.

I vote yes.

I vote yes. I don’t know that we really need a phone line, but the cost is negligible, and it can’t hurt to have a hard line to 911 available.

I vote yes.

Is there a SIP URI and/or an E164 entry for that number? For fone phreaks it would be fun to have a hacker space hotline that is pure SIP, and therefore free to call from weird places.

The phone line is the HIVE13 doorbell. It takes phone messages from prospective members. And most importantly it is a safety measure to have a land line to 911 calls.

I vote yes.

  • 911 calls – which we have fully set up with the 911 center test that it works properly for our space
  • Calls by visitors as our doorbell
  • Speakerphone connection to provide non-sucky audio for remote people for our meetings

To answer Chris A’s question, there is a SIP URI for our phone number. It is Incoming calls via SIP URI are billed at $0.001 per minute.

vote yes



I vote yes

Vote yes.

John O